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Take a Plunge in Gloucestershire

If you find yourself stuck in a toilet-blockage dilemma, and need some help from the experts in Gloucestershire, then look no further. Take A Plunge offers an emergency plumbing service designed to unclog your blocked drains quickly and efficiently whatever time of day or night! Their team is highly experienced with both electrical repairs and drain cleaning; they'll use high pressure water jets (also known as hydro jetting) along with speciality tools such as electric snakes & caustic soda/acid mixes depending on what will most effectively clear away any obstruction. With their expertise coupled together with reliable customer care - you can be sure that when it comes to draining issues. Take A Plunge has got your back!

Pour caustic soda down the toilet bowl in Gloucestershire

If your toilet is blocked in Gloucestershire, it's likely that tree roots are causing the blockage. To unblock the drain, you will need a specialist tool such as an auger or rod to break up and clear away any obstructions. You may also want to use some drain cleaning chemicals like caustic soda (or sodium hydroxide) around 1 litre of solution down into the bowl followed by boiling water this can help dissolve build-ups of grease and other organic obstructed materials within the pipework leading out from your property.

Drain blocked with caustic soda in Gloucestershire

If your drain is blocked with hardened caustic soda, the best solution would be to use a suitable chemical or mechanical tool such as an auger or plunger in order to unblock it. It's also wise to ensure that you wear appropriate protective gear (gloves and goggles) when dealing with chemicals like caustic soda. If the blockage remains after trying these methods, then it may be necessary for a professional plumber come out and take more aggressive measures depending on how serious the underlying problem is - this could involve power flushing, hydro-jetting or rodding further down into the drainage pipes.

Hardens caustic soda in a toilet bowl in Gloucestershire

To unblock a toilet bowl in Gloucestershire, you will need to use caustic soda. Dissolve the granules of caustic soda with some hot water and pour down into your toilet's drain pipe until it fills up halfway through the bowl. Leave this solution for 15 minutes so that it can begin breaking down any blockage matter, then flush away twice or more if required with cold water as needed. For tougher clogs/stains which refuse to clear after two flushes-try pouring 1 litre bottle of full strength Coca-Cola (or similar) all around the inside rim base of the pan-allowing several hours before attempting another double flush - repeat process again when necessary until desired results are achieved !

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